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Authorization for Temporary Stay

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As result of a policy modification (1 October 2008) of the Republic of Suriname concerning admission of foreigners who need a visa to enter Suriname and who have the intention of staying longer than 90 days the following will apply.

Foreigners who need a visa to enter Suriname.
Foreigners, not of Surinamese origin, who wish to stay in the Republic of Suriname for a period of longer than 90 days, will have to apply for a Authorization for Temporary Stay ("MKV = Machtiging Kort Verblijf") 3 months before the intended day of arrival in Suriname.

The "MKV" cannot be submitted in Suriname, while remaining on a tourist or business visa.

The "MKV" may be submitted at one of Suriname's Diplomatic or Consular post in the respective country of residence or region. Please consult list of Embassies and Consular missions of Suriname abroad.

A visa will not be granted to applicant pending the MKV-process.

Foreigners who do not need a visa to enter Suriname may enter Suriname with a visa and apply for an "MKV" in Paramaribo.

Foreigners of Surinamese origin, may enter Suriname with a tourist visa and apply for an "MKV" in Paramaribo. (de Loketdienst v/d Hoofdafd. Vreemdelingenzaken). This is also meant for the spouse if married by law.

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