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Non-official translation

Consulate General of the Republic of Suriname
in Amsterdam, the Netherlands


We herewith announce that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Suriname has launched an E-visa and E-tourist card website for Suriname on April 15, 2019 . 

On the website https://suriname.vfsevisa.com/suriname/online/ , eligible nationalities can now apply for and obtain an E-visa or an E-tourist card entirely electronically.
The handling of original passports, passport photos and hard copy of documents at counters will be a thing of the past. 

Up to 6 (six) months after the launch of the website it will be possible to apply for a visa or tourist card in the conventional way at the well-known counters and at the official points of sale. 

The visa and tourist card services at the counters of Embassies, Consulates and official points of sale of the Republic of Suriname - including the Tourist card counters at Schiphol - will therefore be terminated on 18 October 2019. 

It is recommended that visitors to Suriname who are subject to a visa requirement either in the form of an E-visa or an E-tourist card respectively, use the new user-friendly website from now on for quick processing of their online request.

Due to the collaboration with VFS Global, efficient support can be counted on by the customer. The service desk (Support Desk), can be reached by telephone and e-mail for advice and assistance until the application is completed.

Visitors are requested to take this into account.

Amsterdam, 13 May, 2019

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