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Q: When can I apply for a visa
A: You can apply for a visa as early as 2 months before departure or at least 1 working day before your departure at the office of the Visa Department.


Q: I cannot find the visa application form. Can you send me one?
A: A visa application form has to be filled in online. We therefore cannot send you one. Please visit our homepage for information.


Q: Which are the opening hours of the Visa Department?
A: The Visa Department is open from Monday through Friday, from 09.00 - 14.00 hours.


Q: When can I receive/obtain my visa?
A: We aim to process your visa promptly, while you wait. This is only for holders of a EU passport or people living in the EU with a valid Residence Permit.
Nationals of other countries must consider a waiting period of a minimum of two weeks.


Visa applicants who do not live in Europe and do not possess an EU passport - may apply for a visa at a diplomatic/consular mission of Suriname in their region or at a mission close to their city. For the addresses of the Representations of Suriname in other countries, please visit our website (menu: Government).


Q: I do not succeed to fill in my date of birth, I'm getting an error.
A: When entering your date of birth, please use the "slash" sign (/), for example 01/02/1985


Q: I entered a wrong date of departure. Can I cross it out with a ball pen?
A: No, unfortunately not. Please complete a new application form.


Q: Is it necessary for my partner and children to accompany me to the Consulate for a visa application?
A: No, one person can apply for the family. Adults must always sign their own form. Additional documents are needed for minors (see visa requirements).


Q: Do my children have to sign their form?
A: No only adults. Parents my sign their children's form.


Q: I am divorced and want to travel with my under aged child, but the father is not to be found to give permission for the visa application.
A: If you are not the parent with "sole" custody of the child, you will have to request the Court of Justice to grant "permission in absence of the father".

If you have joint custody, you may present an official document stating such and apply for the visa on your own.


Q:I am not married, but my child carries her father's name. Do I need his permission to travel with the child?
A: No, if you can prove that you have "sole" custody of the child. With a official document supporting this, you may apply for a visa without the father's permission.


Q: If I were to use my marriage register (with names of children mentioned in it) as supporting document to request a visa for me and my family. Would that be sufficient?

A: Yes, it would. It concerns an official document, but please have a copy ready. For Children who are not mentioned in the document, another official document will be required (birth certificate, etc.)


Q: I am a single mother and intend to travel with my under aged children, who carry my family name.  Do I have to submit a document from the registry office?

A: Yes, you need to prove through an official document that you were never married and that you legally have sole custody of the children.


Q: I am a single father and intend to travel with my under aged children. They live with me. Can I apply for a visa for them?

A: Only if you legally have sole custody of the children. In any other case you will need permission of their mother (please consult "Consular Affairs": Visa Info. - Supporting documents)


Q: My spouse is in Suriname and has a Surinamese passport. She therefore cannot give permission for the visa for the children to travel with me to Suriname.

A: If you can prove that you have officially have joined custody, you do not need her permission for a visa


Q: I sent you my form online. Can you check if you received it?

A: After you have completed your online form, you also have to print it out. An application number will appear on the top of your form. This means that your data has reaches us. For the visa procedure please visit "Consular Affairs" on our website


You wish to travel to another country during your Stay in Suriname.
If during your stay in Suriname, you have planned another trip, you need a multiple entry visa. To apply for this kind of visa you there are special requirements. (please consult "Consular Affairs": Visa Info. - Supporting documents). As of 25th November 2011 some nationalities also have the possibility to travel to Suriname on a Tourist card (see our homepage for information).


Q: What is the period of validity of your visa?
A: The expiry date of your visa is printed on your visa sticker. You can use the visa to enter Suriname starting from the date of issue printed left above in your visa until the expiry date, right above. A Visa does not determine the length of stay permitted. On arrival the a short term stay is granted by the Immigration in Suriname.


Q:Do I have to register with the Department for registration of Foreigners (Aliens) of the Ministry of Justice and Police after arrival in Suriname?
A: No, if you stay less than 30 days
Yes, if you stay more than 30 days. Before the 30th day please report to the Department for Alien Registration, Ministry of Justice and Police, presenting your passport and your valid flight ticket. Address: Mr.J.Lachmonstraat 166-168 (Ground floor of the building of the Ministry of Public Works).


Q: I want to stay in Suriname longer than 90 days. Can I extend my visa in Suriname?
A: No, it is not possible. If you wish to stay longer than 90 days and you are not of Surinamese origin, you have to apply for a "Authorization for Temporary Stay ("MKV") three months in advance. For more information please consult "Consular Affairs".


Q: What can I enter at "name and address of host in Suriname"?
A:  the name of the person where you will be staying and the address or the contact  person and address in case of business, internship, etc. or the name of hotel/guesthouse where one will be staying


Q: I do not yet know where I will be staying in Suriname. Can I apply for a visa nevertheless?
A: NO, your application will not be complete


Q: My passport is 2 days short of the required validity of 6 months on arrival in Suriname and I have to travel due to an emergency. Can I obtain a visa?
A: No, your passport has to be valid at least (minimum) 6 months on arrival. You may travel on an emergency passport with a validity of 6 months.


This does not apply to holders of a Surinamese passport or people with proof of (a valid) residence (permit for) in Suriname.


Q: What is the required validity of my passport to depart from Suriname (and return to the Netherlands)?
A: From Surinamese side there is no special requirement.


Q: I am not applying for a visa through a travel agency. Which option do I choose?
A: In the list of Travel agencies, you also have the option to choose for "losse aanvraag" (individual request).


Q: Due to a mistake in my 1st visa application form, I filled in a 2nd form. Can you cancel the first form?
A: If the 1st form is not submitted, it will automatically be cancelled by the system after 10 days.


Q: I need to travel to Suriname for an internship and I am not sure whether I should apply for a visa or a Authorization for Temporary Stay.
A: In short a)

1) you are not of Surinamese origin and will not stay in Suriname longer than 90 days. You should apply for a short term visa (KTV);

2) you are not of Surinamese origin and you want to stay in Suriname longer than 90 days. You have to apply for a Authorization for Temporary Stay;

3) you are of Surinamese origin and will not stay in Suriname longer than 90 days. You can apply for a visa;

4.) you are of Surinamese origin and you intend to stay in Suriname longer than 90 days. You may travel to Suriname on a visa and remain there for 6 (six) months maximum (without a residence permit). Please return to our homepage for "Consular Affairs".


Q: My daughter (not of Surinamese origin) has travelled to Suriname for an internship and did not know that she had to apply for an Authorization for Temporary Stay. What can she do to extend her stay in Suriname?
A: Her stay cannot be extended. This means that she has to leave Suriname within 90 days.


Q: (what is) "social security number (SSC)"
A: If you do not have a Dutch scc, , do not make an entry. Leave open.


Q: I live in Peru and have a Dutch passport. How can I get a visa for Suriname?
A: You can choose to send in your application by registered (secure) mail of a special courier ((please consult our website wwww.consulaatsuriname.nl). As Suriname also has missions in South American countries and in the Caribbean, you could also apply for a visa or Tourist card at one of the diplomatic or consular missions elsewhere. In main menu "Government" you will find the addresses of the Surinamese missions abroad for information.


Q: I am 60+ of Surinamese origin, can my spouse also obtain a visa on arrival in Suriname?
A: Yes, if legally married. In that case you may also stay in Suriname for a maximum of 6 months.

No. if you are not married by law. In that case your partner may stay in Suriname for a maximum of 90 days.